Let the hunt begin!

Immerse yourself into the most epic and gruesome horror action adventure gaming experience ever.

Creeping Death

Awaken to a nightmare of bloodcurdling terror as sickness spreads across the dismal city of Yharnam...

Face Your Fears

Armed with a unique arsenal of weaponry, take down deranged mobs, grotesque creatures as you seek out a remedy against the crippling endemic and escape the nightmare...

Bestial Devastation

In the night of the hunt, overcome violently deranged inhabitants, horrifying monsters and bestial abominations brought upon by the plague...

The Heart of Darkness

Embark into a perilous journey through the forgotten and surreal city of Yharnam. Uncover it's dark secrets, seek and halt the origin of the plague through the ruins of an ancient civilzation that Yharnam was built upon.   

Bloodborne is easy..Not!!!!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“This game is a masterpiece”

This is a masterpiece of a game. The combat is incredible, being complex enough to string together combos and attacks yet simple enough that it never overwhelms or confuses the player. Every single weapon is viable and balanced, with unique move sets. The melee weapons can even transform into alternate versions to allow for more options and attacks at your disposal. You have a cane that can turn into a whip, a saw that transforms into a spear, even a sword that transforms into a hammer. The music is beautiful, boss themes are stirring and epic, and the tone is a wonderful decrepit gothic feel with a tinge of Lovecraft.

Adrian Garcia

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Truly a special game”

This game is not for the impatient and the easily frustrated. Bloodborne is truly a special game. It's gothic victorian design and atmosphere with a slow decent into Lovecraftian cosmic horror is perfectly matched with enemies and environments changing from a typical Castlevania or Van Helping inspired game into eldtrich tentacle monsters that completely flip over your expectations. Combat is fast paced and highly dangerous, but also highly rewarding. The bosses are all unique and offer great satisfaction when you conquer the one that's been kicking your ass for hours. The story is one of the best game stories that no one will ever notice, because it is hidden within the world and mostly exists as theories. Even 5 years later people still theorize about what this game means, and that is hard to do.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Absolute incredible masterpiece of a video game”

Absolutely incredible masterpiece of a video game! Everything in this game grips you as you traverse through its dark, gothic world. The addictive fast paced combat, eerie locations, disturbing yet beautiful soundtrack and thought provoking storyline. I may be biased but this is definitely one of the greatest video games of all time in my honest opinion.

Bloodborne still remains to this day, one of the only games I have put the effort in to platinum on PlayStation. The base game alone is amazing but don't get me started on The Old Hunters...

The Old Hunters is probably one of the best DLCs ever released for any game period. It expands upon the story/lore, adds some of the best AND most difficult bosses in the entire souls series, adds useful weapons and equipment. I could ramble about Bloodborne for hours but this review would be too long...

What are you waiting for? Why have you NOT played Bloodborne yet?

Dylan Maasdorp



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