The Hunters and The Hunt

The hunters are a group of warriors who are dedicated to keeping their regions safe by hunting down beasts or anything other than beasts if need be that pose a threat. 

Hunters are agile fighters armed with a trick weapon, a transforming melee weapon in the right hand, and a firearm in the left. They do not employ shields, but rather take advantage of their mobility in order to avoid attacks.

The Scourge of The Beast

The most common form of the blood sickness appears to be lycanthropy: Humans slowly turning into wolves. Those in the early stages of the sickness have lengthened canine teeth and grow more hair. As they progress, their arms and legs lengthen and the spine hunches over and the face begins to elongate. Eventually, they grow fur and their body finishes the change into a Scourge Beast.

 Along with the physical transformation comes a mental degradation: At first the victim assumes all people they don’t know are hostile and they’ll attack on sight. As the alterations progress, the victim becomes more and more savage and hostile.

The blood sickness seems to be endemic to Yharnam, requiring periodic hunts for those very far gone. The hunters are both respected and feared: They bring down the worst of the beasts, but are at risk of contamination themselves.

The Hunter’s Nightmare

A fate worse than the Scourge of The Beast is to be imprisoned in a hellish world drenched in blood and insane monstrosities, lit by a possessed moon. A place called The Hunter’s Nightmare. The moonlight shows familiar buildings half swallowed by sludge, leaning over, distorted.

It is here that hunters of old, riddled by horrible nightmares, endlessly pursue beasts in a blood drunk frenzy. An insatiable and voracious appetite that can never be fulfilled.

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.


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