Yharnam Huntsmen

Huntsmen – Bloodborne Wiki Guide – IGN

Huntsmen are natives to Yharnam. They are sickly, violent and can be seen as malformed due to the infection. They are slowly transforming into hideous beasts caused by the plague.

When night falls, they form hunting parties in order to hunt beasts and outsiders alike. They attack human outsiders because the plague has made them delirious, blaming them for the plague, and are unable to tell the difference between man and beast.

Huntsmen use a variety of weapons such as pitchforks, blades, axes, firearms, torches, and shields. Huntsmen have a high intelligence and communicate with one another, crying out for help when attacked by the Hunter and alerting nearby enemies.

They will also attempt to ambush the Hunter by playing dead or lurking in the shadows. They can be seen alone or in large groups with hounds. They can be absolutely deadly when they attack in a group.

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