The Plain Doll

Welcome home, good Hunter. What is it you desire?

The Doll

The Doll is located in the Hunter’s Dream as an inanimate porcelain doll. A lifeless contraption but will later come to live and appears to be inhabited by some kind of Eldritch being. She is a key character and will play an important role to the Hunter in the treacherous quest that lies ahead.

She appears to breathe and sleep. She describes herself as “created by humans”, this could mean that the body she is inhabiting is man-made (the most apparent being her hands) but many of her actions suggest that she is a being that posses great power.

She cannot be killed, and when interacted she has the ability to use blood echoes to strengthen Hunters. In time she will also reveal to the hunter that “she is there to embolden the sickly spirit that ails the Hunter”

This sickly spirit she refers to is the beastly curse, and she is there to help guide the Hunter to conquer this sickness. According to the Clawmark Rune and Beast Roar, the beastly nature resides inside the hearts of all humans. This means that the Doll is trying to guide the Hunter to transcend humanity and evolve into a greater being to conquer the beast inside.

The Doll would be able to sense a soothing presence of the Hunter once the blood of the slain enemies has been absorbed. This is also known as Blood Echoes which is the will of the enemies. The Doll mentions that she senses the “Ancient Echoes coursing in the Hunter’s veins”. This means that she senses the will of the ancients in the hunter; the will of the Great Ones inside which suggests that the hunter is becoming more than human and less beast like.

The Doll is very loyal to the Hunter. She accepts her role to serve, believing it to be her purpose.

It seems that whoever created the doll sought after companionship, to ease the creator’s loneliness. She is the only NPC (Non Player Character) in all of Bloodborne that takes a kind, loving stance towards Hunters. 

The Doll is soft-spoken and polite. She holds the Hunter in high regards and treats the Hunter with deep respect. Having been made by humans, she loves the Hunter, but is unsure whether her affection is real or artificial; a thought she ponders incessantly…

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