A podcast is a series of spoken word, audio episodes, all focused on a particular topic or theme accompanied by background music. I have decided to have a go at this with Anchor podcasting and put together some episodes to present and narrate about some of the characters and lore from the Bloodborne world.

Episode 1: The Plain Doll Huntersdream

A gentle and loyal helper to hunters.  Soundtracks – Bloodborne OST 1- The Witch of Hemwick – Michael Wandmacher 2- Hail the Nightmare – Ryan Amon 3- The Night Unfurls – Ryan Amon 

Episode 2: A Masterpiece Huntersdream

Awe inspiring facts about Bloodborne as one of the greatest games ever made brought to us by the mastermind, Mr Hidetaka Miyazaki and his incredible team as well as the astonishing composers behind a phenomenal soundtrack composed for the game.    Bloodborne Soundtracks –  1- Laurence, The First Vicar – Tsukasa Saitoh 2- Omen – Ryan Amon 3- Hail The Nightmare – Ryan Amon 4- Ludwig, The Accursed & Holy Blade – Nobuyoshi Suzuki 5- Living Failures – Nobuyoshi Suzuki  

Episode 3: Fear The Blood Huntersdream

The treacherous journey of the Hunter, and the abysmal city of Yharnam. The curse of the blood and the madness that it brings.  Bloodborne Soundtracks –  1- Rom The Vacuous Spider – Yuka Kitamura 2- The Hunter – Ryan Amon 3- Amygdala – Cris Velasco 4- Blood-Starved Beast – Tsukasa Saitoh 5- Terror – Cris Velasco

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